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Personal Training & other services

Personal Training & Lifestyle Coaching

Personal training is great for people who need help to stay motivated to lose weight, get fit and tone up. Our personal trainers work with you to set goals, measure your strengths and weaknesses as well as keep your training routines interesting.

Club One Fitness has over 100 pieces of exercise equipment, so the variation in exercise selection is almost endless. We will match you with a personal trainer that will suit your exercise and fitness level, as well as measure your improvements along the way. We also show you how to complete each and every exercise to ensure your body is getting the best out of each activity.


Let’s face it – if you are putting in the effort to exercise, then you really should ensure you’re using the right muscles, and doing the exercises correctly, so that you achieve your goals sooner.


Complimentary Beginners Exercise Programs

Let's face it, the best gym equipment in the world is worthless if you don't know how to use it correctly. In most other Clubs your only option to learn the correct skills is to pay a Personal Trainer, but not at Club One Fitness. 

Our Club has a dedicated Toning & Conditioning Circuit and all inexperienced members are offered a Complimentary Exercise Program to ensures that all our members have the skills and confidence to quickly and safely start getting the results they are looking for.

Discount Supplements and Professional Advice

Club One Fitness - Bentley Park stocks a comprehensive range of protein powders, pre-workout powders, weight loss supplements and much more to help make your personal fitness journey easier.


All our staff are experienced and knowledgeable on every product we stock so you know you'll be buying exactly what you need for your personal goals. Our members enjoy discounted prices so you know you'll be getting the best advice and fantastic savings. 

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