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Thank you for applying for our FREE 5 DAY TRIAL OFFER*

Our friendly and helpful staff are now waiting to assist you so grab your exercise gear and call in to start your FREE 5 Day Trial as soon as you can!

Your FREE 5 Day Trial will start from the date of your first visit.


Things you will need:

  • Safe covered shoes (no thongs, sandals or work boots)

  • Comfortable exercise clothing

  • A gym towel (very important for hygiene)

  • A water bottle you can fill from our cooler

If you have friends or family members who are also local residents, bring them with you. All local residents are invited to try our Clubs for free. Why? Because we know that most people who trial our Clubs are so impressed that they soon become members! There's no need to book ahead, simply call in during our staffed hours and we will do the rest. So grab your things, and your friends and family members, and we look forwards to seeing you soon.

* Free 5 Day Trial Offers are only available to local residents who have not previously been members of the Club or previously used a Free Trial Offer. Local ID may be required as proof of residency. 

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